All Roads Lead to Rome!





Experience Italy

The name conjures images of ancient intrigues, masterpieces that take your breath away, tiny towns balanced precipitously on mountain outcrops, long, languid afternoons of sipping great wine with people whose love of the good life is contagious. Italy must be Experienced! Inhaled! Touched! And caressed!

The true magic of Italy is it’s people and the rhythm of a way of life that can be experienced nowhere else.  And the key to embracing Italy and its treasures is to discover that elusive and intoxicating rhythm.

But today, sadly, many travelers miss the magic because they don’t know how and where to find it. Italy becomes merely a destination…. a list of things to be checked off.  The rhythm, the feeling, and the joy of Italy remain forever out of reach.

Turner, Trichel & Associates can make the magic happen for you!!

At TT&A Travel we know how to help you discover that magic rhythm and get in touch with real essence of the Italian experience. Y
ou’ll still see the famous sites of course. But you’ll do so in a context that makes them all the more extraordinary.

More than that, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know the people in tiny market towns…. taste the finest Chianti’s, Brunellos or Montepulcianos in the very cellars where they were born…And reside in a centuries old villas (with all the modern conveniences of course).

Imagine standing of the terrace of your 13th century villa and gazing down the road to a villa where Leonardo Da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa. That’s what your TT&A Associate experienced on her most recent trip to Tuscany.


Imagine discovering Volpia…walking in the footsteps of 11th century Popes and the armies of the Medici’s….sipping wine on a sun-soaked patio overlooking hundreds of acres of olive groves…eating Gina’s amazing antipasto and pasta.


Discover that after a 3-hour lunch you have become part of this community of 27 residents. You’ve shared wine and wit with the Senora’s  of the town and become friends. When you leave, Volpia and Gina will be forever in your heart.


Special Arrangements? No Problem!!



Perhaps you’re further south…staying in a Villa balanced on flower-studded cliffs just out side of Vietre on the Amalfii coast.  Rather than fighting the tourists to visit towns along the coast, TT&A has commissioned a small Yacht and crew to take you and your party to the Isle of Capri and Portofino.

You lounge on the deck as the spectacular coastline slips by.  You swim in the azure blue waters in the shadow of the Blue Grotto.  You stop for lunch in a tiny hamlet that can’t even be seen from the road. As the sun drops beneath the horizon, you join the small fleet of fishermen making your way home.

How can I make this vacation happen for me?

Whichever part of this geographically diverse land captures your imagination…(Get map of regions and scan)…. be it Toscana, Venezia, Piedmonte, Roma, or the Amalphi Coast, TT&A Travel will put you in touch with the Italy of your dreams.

Step #1

First, we’ll learn about you…

    • Your past travel experiences
    • Where you’ve been and how you like to travel
    • Your special interests (wine, food, history, archeology, architecture, shopping, general knowledge, etc.)
    • What parts of Italy you would like to see
    • How much time you have
    • What budget you have

Step #2

Second, we’ll draft an experience that takes all of these things into account. We’ll provide a tentative itinerary, with options, and important things you should know about travel in your part of Italy.

Step #3

Third, we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to fine- tune your experience and provide critical information you will need to ensure a stress free, easy to manage trip. Of course… we’ll make all travel arrangements including (but not limited to) air, train, ship, auto rental reservations, villa or other accommodations. But we will do much more.

Special Requests Are Our Business...

Is there a particular winery you wish to visit?  Would you like to have a local chef come to your villa and cook with you or for you?  Would you like to arrange for an English-speaking guide to take you to an area of specific interest?  Would you like to attend an Opera but are at a loss as to what to do next?

TT&A will find whatever special experiences you desire because we know that these experiences put you in touch with the rhythm of the Italian spirit and will transform your trip from just a “good time” into a life-enhancing experience with magical memories.

For more information contact Turner, Trichel & Associates